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Mission & Values

Monumental Magazine is UMD's premier fashion magazine. In embracing young creatives, we believe it is our responsibility as a campus publication to dedicate ourselves to supporting all writers, photographers, stylists, and creators in our organization and community. We hope to accomplish our main goals of giving young creatives a voice, promoting inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability, and taking bold creative risks that reshape our campus community and subsequently the global fashion landscape. Our paramount tasks are to inspire responsible consumerism rooted in sustainability and to ensure that underrepresented people in the fashion industry have a voice at Monumental in order to create the diversity that the greater fashion community lacks.

Our Goals:

1.  Promoting Inclusivity and Sustainability

At Monumental, we are and will continue to be dedicated to staying active and vigilant to counteract oppression in the fashion industry. The landscape of fashion has long upheld the cisgender white euro-centric ideal, and it is our publication's responsibility to work against this norm. There is a concerning lack of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ representation in the fashion industry and it is our responsibility to prioritize diversity and inclusion, not just on our staff, but in our coverage and in our content so that our platform serves and represents the whole University of Maryland community.

It is also paramount that we pay attention to using our platform to illustrate the importance of ethical shopping for our audiences. Responsible consumerism can promote environmentally conscious shopping by limiting overconsumption and playing an active role in minimizing fast fashion's widespread reach. Our publication aims to provide resources for sustainable behaviors while also emphasizing the importance of self-educating about the unique struggles of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ people, specifically as their experiences intersect with the fashion industry.

2.  Producing Unique Visual Content by Taking Creative Risks

By taking creative risks, Monumental is a place for unique photo essays, editorial shoots, design, and videos. Magazines are visually driven, so we are always looking for the opportunity to support the production of stand-out imagery for our audience. Team members at Monumental Magazine can play an active role in the shoot by planning it and assembling their own team or they can pass along the idea for others to bring to life. Team members and freelance contributors alike are welcomed to pitch. This brings us to goal 3.

3.  Promoting and Supporting Young Creatives

We need to create space for young creatives in order to encourage participation and experience in the digital media and editorial landscapes. Monumental Magazine is actively making space for members of the UMD community who want to show and tell. Young creatives sometimes struggle to find the opportunity to showcase and practice their passions or interests, so we created Monumental Magazine to be a place for learning and experimentation. By encouraging students to challenge themselves with projects, positions, and opportunities for content creation, they will be able to practice their professional skills and more importantly, to learn.

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