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2021 Spring Nail Trends

By: Clara Russ

A new year means new nail trends, and 2021 is full of more fun, colorful, unique designs than ever before. These four nail trends are the perfect way to jump into spring and can act as a cute accessory to a new spring wardrobe.

Yin and Yang Nails

Yin and Yang is the concept of dualism, illustrating how opposites can attract. The symbol represents balance, and what better way to stay balanced this spring than wearing a yin and yang on your nails! This design can be achieved with the traditional black and white colors, but using unconventional colors like pink and purple can take the design up a notch. The best way to execute this design is to paint a base coat with one color, then add the second half of the yin yang over it with a fine brush.

Colored French Tips

A colored french tip design is a contemporary take on a classic style. This design is perfect for an easy, but sleek, look, and can be done in virtually any color! One hack to create this look is to put a bandaid over the body of your nail while leaving the edge free, to paint the tip with no hassle.

Tiny Hearts

This trend emerged around Valentine’s Day but isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The heart is basically the new symbol of 2021. They’re seen all over clothes and facemasks, and it is completely adorable. Adding small hearts to a basic nail design can elevate the whole look, creating a subtle, but unique design. The easiest way to achieve this design is to paint the heart with a small applicant, like a pencil or bobby pin.

Delicate Floral Pattern

April showers bring May flowers, and the same goes for nail art. This design merges a retro floral look with the colorful, mismatched trend to create a look that’s perfect for the spring. Plus, the design is beginner-friendly – just dip the end of a bobby pin into colors of your choice to create the flower!

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