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5 Fashion Bloggers Home to Washington DC

By Grace Goodenough

The majority of fashion influencers are based in Los Angeles or New York City, but even small cities harbor their own unique bloggers. Washington DC has a plethora of talented, stylish bloggers and creatives, showing you don't need to move to a big city to make it as an influencer. Here are 5 local fashion bloggers you should be following:

Michell Salinas: @lavidamichi

Michell Salinas has a warm yet elegant feed, perfect for the cold weather. Her winter wardrobe consists of staple coats, unique booties and off the shoulder sweaters. Some of her favorite stores include Uniqlo, and online sites such as SheIn and Amazon, where it is easy to navigate trendy pieces. 

Salinas embraces D.C.’s city landscape and fast pace, though not as racing as New York City. The monuments provide extravagant backgrounds to enhance her fashion and lifestyle posts.

“I love to go [to Bethesda] for brunch at Summer House Santa Monica, or for the Sunday Morning Bakehouse coffee shop. Pike and Rose has hotel sceneries besides restaurants where it is convenient to shoot on weekends especially because it is easy to park,” Salinas says.

Sylvia Colella: @simplysylviadc

In addition to being an influencer, Sylvia Colella is a lawyer and a mother based between Washington DC. and Paris. Her Instagram aesthetic features a signature, colorful feed that showcases her chic, modern style.

“I think DC's fashion scene is emerging. It's great that so many local influencers are putting themselves out there in that way. Let's face it, there will always be unicorns with stand-out style (and there are more of them in NYC and LA), but there's plenty of room for everybody else,” says Colella.

Her favorite place to shoot is Georgetown, where the historic cobblestone streets and trendy storefronts convey a European vibe. Colella, however, also admires City Center which has more of a modern atmosphere.

Jacqueline Febles: @themodalista

Co-owner of online clothing brand Blush & Bliss and blogger, Jacqueline Febles has a feminine and chic aesthetic, full of pinks to warm up the contrastingly cold weather outside. 

“The DC fashion scene is expanding as there are more style bloggers, designers, and creatives out there. I think the great thing about it is that it's a smaller city, and everyone is very supportive with one another,” says Febles.

Even while busy with photoshoots for Blush & Bliss, Febles puts time aside during the weekend to shoot for her Instagram and blog. Georgetown is also her go-to spot for her photography. “The neighborhood is super charming and it's rarely ever crowded,” she says.

Gaby Rodas: @gabopicasso

Gaby Rodas sports a modern, sleek style that provides inspiration for streetwear and professional atmospheres. To showcase her contemporary taste, Rodas embraces the versatility of the district and envisions photos in every corner of the city.

“Any spot that looks aesthetically pleasing is a go-to spot! Whether if it’s a wall, a corner of a shopping mall that is decorated nicely, coffee shops, a set of stairs, you can capture such great content if you follow a certain aesthetic,” Rodas says.   

When it comes to shopping and adding pieces to her dynamic wardrobe, Rodas browses top name retailers but also smaller, local shops. “I love supporting local businesses as well as well-known brands! Boutiques like Scouts and Molly and Luna located in Maryland have the best quality fashion pieces!” she says. 

Vy Luu: @district.vy

An MBA student and retail brokerage associate, Vy Luu runs her Instagram to express her hip style that encompasses and reflects the DC's aesthetic.


“We have such a dense group of collectives, creators, and influencers who are making DC more and more of a player in the fashion industry,” Luu says.  

Her chic fashion has a variety of trendy pieces like chunky earrings, cross-body fanny packs and beaded hair clips.

“I love shopping any and everywhere because style and fashion is whatever makes you feel good. I try to not limit myself to a certain brand. Nonetheless, my go-to would be Zara, ASOS, Uniqlo, and H&M.”

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