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5 Memorable Moments from SS20 Shows

By Emma Wickey

From New York to Milan, Spring/Summer ‘20 runways were filled with florals, tulle, and, in more ways than one, drama. Here are arguably the five most memorable, can’t-miss moments from SS20 Fashion Month:

5. Drones Dress Models at Issey Miyake 

Yes, you read that correctly. Drones dressed the models at the Issey Miyake show during Paris Fashion Week. The Japanese designer consistently pushes the boundaries on the catwalk and redefines runway shows with the use of technology, including previous events where the dresses changed as the models walked down the runway and others where the dresses dissolved. This season was no exception as drones circulated above the models and carefully dropped the runway looks over their heads, dressing them in front of the audience. Once dressed, models walked the runway as if nothing had happened, as if this all took place backstage. The collection was equally as exciting featuring stunning silhouettes, beautiful prints, and gorgeous jumpsuits. 

4. JLo Closes the Versace Show

Versace took us all back in time to the 2000 Grammy Awards by recreating Jenifer Lopez’s most iconic look. When the sheer chiffon, palm printed, barely-there dress premiered in 2000 on the Grammy red carpet, the world was outraged. No one had ever walked the red carpet in such a scandalous, sexy dress. This iconic dress secured Donatella Versace’s position as Creative Director at Versace following the tragic passing of her brother, Gianni. Globally recognized, JLo’s red carpet look is credited with the founding and popular use of Google Images, and it even has its own Wikipedia page

This season, 19 years after the dress walked the red carpet, Lopez once again shocked the world by closing the Versace show in Milan wearing a recreation of the historic dress. With only minimal differences in structure and fit, the dress brought immense excitement to the audience and received a standing ovation. Versace’s SS20 collection was nothing special, but the finale look definitely got people to turn their heads. 

3. Leon Dame’s Walk Closes Margiela

Maison Margiela’s SS20 finale went viral, but not necessarily because of the garments. Sporting a complete leather look, German model Leon Dame quite literally stomped down the runway, with her intimidating gaze and hunchbacked posture. The walk was the absolute antithesis of a classic, elegant runway walk. After the close of the show in Paris, the heinous runway stomp quickly went viral on social media, especially in meme form. Interestingly enough, the walk was carefully planned. Pat Bofuslawski, a famous fashion creative consultant and runway walk coach, worked with Dame on the finale walk until it was perfected to Margiela’s liking. You can watch Leon Dame close Margiela here

2. The Chanel Runway Crasher

As the Chanel collection closed and models came out one by one in their classic tweed suits, French comedian Marie Benoliel jumped onto the runway and joined in the finale walk. Making it a long way down the runway before security noticed her, it was none other than supermodel Gigi Hadid, looking unamused, who stepped out of her stride to confront Benoliel. Hadid tried, as gracefully yet as forcefully as possible, to push Benoliel off the stage to not detract the buzz from the beautiful collection. Benoliel was then taken out of the show by security. In an interview after the show, the comedian said fashion has become too “serious” and “...nowadays fashion doesn’t make people happy. It makes people ridiculous and pretentious.” The Chanel runway crash definitely prompted dialogue and proved to be one of the most memorable moments of SS20 shows.

1. The Savage x Fenty Show

Winning the number one spot on the most memorable moments of SS20 is the Savage x Fenty show. Leave it to Rihanna to close New York Fashion Week and pull it off with virtually no one knowing about it as guests were asked to surrender their phones and cameras before entry. Starting at midnight, Rihanna hosted her runway show, which many are calling the new Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Filled with musical performances by Big Sean, A$AP Ferg, and Halsey, just to name a few, the show took place at the Brooklyn Naval Yard and was the most extravagant, high production show of the season. Including models of all colors, sizes, abilities, and genders, the show was more of a performance with 50 minutes of high-intensity dancing and flashing lights. Highlights of the show include Migos appropriately performing “Pure Water” in a pool of water, Laverne Cox strutting the stage in a single spotlight, and Bella Hadid portraying a sun goddess. Thankfully, the show is no longer a secret and is available to watch through Amazon Prime. I cannot even imagine what Savage x Fenty and Rihanna are going to do next, but I think we are all unprepared.

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