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9 Nail Trends That Just Might Save 2020

By: Sarah Pfau

Out of all the downright chaos that has emerged from 2020, one positive thing has surfaced: some funky, creative, and adorable nail trends that are simply irresistible. The best part about these 9 nail trends is that they don’t have to be done at a salon; they can be perfected right from your own personal studio.

Cow Print

Animal print is no longer limited to basic cheetah print or zebra stripes. And it's entered the nail world! These cow print nail styles bring a funky twist to the end of your fingertips and, when styled with a muted outfit, can be the star of your look.

Abstract Prints

This style might be the most challenging look to perfect from the comforts of home, but it could be the absolute cutest. With an adventurous new design for each finger, this technique can be personalized and explored to your liking.

Evil Eye

The symbol of protection right on your fingers? Sign me up! This trendy nail style gives off an almost otherworldly look, which gives us a smidgen of hope that we can finally escape 2020.


These cute and colorful swirls are most definitely my next go-to nail style. This swirling combination of brilliant colors or even neutral browns brings movement to your fingertips, creating a piece of art right on them.

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