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By: Hannah Zozobrado

The Asian American Student Union (AASU) – a student organization that works to represent, serve and advocate for the Asian American Pacific Islander community – released promotional content on their social media on Saturday for their merchandise.

(Model above: Caylee Bergreen / Photographer: Hannah Zozobrado)

With the options of a green hoodie and a red crewneck, both versions of the gear say “Fuel the Fire,” referencing AASU’s annual fall FUEL conference that discusses advocacy and activism.

“FUEL was a bonding moment for me and my table and had a big impact on how I view activism and advocacy within the APIDA community,” said sophomore Psychology and Community Health major Amanda Vu.

Vu is one of AASU’s Co-VP of External Affairs and was one of the two models in the FUEL photoshoot. Junior criminology and history major Caylee Bergreen, AASU’s Webmaster, also modeled alongside Vu.

(Model: Amanda Vu / Photographer: Hannah Zozobrado)

“AASU to me is a web of connections. Through our solid eboard members we’re able to build relationships with related organizations and create strong networks to uplift the APIDA community,” junior Caylee Bergreen said. “It fuels my motivation to continue work for my community.”

The crewnecks and hoodies are available for purchase at until sold out. One purchase of either a hoodie or crewneck is $35; an order of both a hoodie and crewneck is $60.

“People should support us and buy FUEL merch so that we can continue fighting for APIDA representation at UMD and further social change via our social justice task force,” Vu said.

“Everyone has a fire to fuel, whether that is your fire to uplift your community, do better within yourself, or support others,” Bergreen said. “Repping fuel merch will remind you to continue the fire.”

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