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A Peek at Aaliyah’s Best Looks

By Ashley Ankapong

The musical artist Aaliyah has impacted our pop culture in ways we could not have imagined. Born Aaliyah Dana Haughton in January 1979, she made her first musical debut in 1994, releasing the album Age Ain't Nothing but a Number. Aaliyah then released her second album One in a Million in 1996, and a few more known singles like “More than a Woman” and “Try Again” before her death in August 2001. Following her tragic death, Aaliyah lived on to be one of the most referenced and influential singers in music.

Aaliyah was not only an R&B singer but a fashion trendsetter as well. As one of my personal favorite R&B singers, I have come to adore Aaliyah’s fashion overtime and I have attempted to mimic some of her outfits with the clothes in my closet. She was known to have a chilled tomboy look: following the footsteps of early hip-hop artists by rocking baggy clothes, but also putting her own spin into it. We have seen Aaliyah’s aesthetic influence on artists such as Ciara, Tinashe, and Ryan Destiny. Aaliyah also carried the first wave of the Y2k fashion movement around the end of the 1990s.

Here are some of my favorite fashion moments from Aaliyah's career:

1. In this photo, Aaliyah wears a white bandana headwrap, white tank top, white jacket, and black tinted sunglasses to finish off this chill, monochromatic look.

2. From the “Are you that Somebody?” music video, Aaliyah pairs a black mesh long sleeve crop top with grayish blue pants to match the twilight aesthetic of the video.

3. In this performance, Aaliyah brightens up the stage with her yellow Tommy Hilfiger jacket and pants set, silver metallic bralette, and a pair of yellow sunglasses hanging at her hip.

4. In the “Hot Like Fire” music video, Aaliyah ignites the dance floor with a black bandeau crop top and red camo pants.

5. Aaliyah has left a lasting impact on fashion. She was able to reflect her easygoing sound through her outfits. Through these looks, Aaliyah has shown us that baggy clothes and looking fabulous are not oil and water. It can be executed as long as you add your own twist to it.

What are your top five Aaliyah looks?

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