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A Vision in Pink and Blue

by: Sydney Albert

‘Angels Like You’ - Blue Angel Wing Eye Look

The inspiration behind this look was one of the biggest makeup trends of the year: graphic eyeliner. This look puts an artistic spin on this trend.

The Process

  1. Apply eyeshadow primers

  2. Blend a light blue eyeshadow over the eyelid, lightly blending to the outer crease with a fluffy rounded brush

  3. Apply highlight or a shimmering eyeshadow on top of the blue with a flat brush

  4. Use a thin liner brush for the white eyeliner and make a line over the top crease. Then, make little wings at the outer corner of the eye towards the eyebrow

  5. Add mascara to the lashes

  6. Use a pencil to fill in brows

  7. Spray brow soap with setting or fixer spray and use a clean mascara want to brush through the eyebrows

Want to recreate this look? Here is a list of the products used!

Makeup Art by @makeupbyalina03

‘Space Girl’ - Pink Holographic Highlight Look

This look was inspired by another popular makeup trend: holographic highlighter. Highlighter has been trending for years but recently different color highlights have been growing in popularity. This look puts a spin on the trend by utilizing rhinestones and glitter to enhance it.

The Process

  1. Apply eye base

  2. Blend a light orange in the crease with a fluffy brush

  3. Blend dark pink and purple colors in the corners of the eye with a small brush

  4. Add a pink shimmer in the middle

  5. Add your glitter adhesive

  6. Apply glitter only over the shimmer

  7. Add a black liner to the lash line

  8. Add mascara to the lashes

  9. Apply faux lashes (fit them, trim them to size, apply glue, let it get sticky by waiting for a few seconds, and then apply to the middle of the upper lash line and secure it on the ends)

Want to recreate this look? Here is a list of the products used!

Makeup Art by @makeupbyalina03

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