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An Active Approach to Quarantine

By AJ Goldbloom

Whenever students leave campus for breaks or summer vacation, many people set exercise goals for the few weeks they have at home. With quarantine now in full effect, most students are bored at home with little idea when school resumes. Because of this, students need to sustain a healthy, active lifestyle for the remainder of quarantine. This does not mean becoming too focused on weight and exercise, nor does it mean eating less. Being active and healthy in quarantine does not need to be a chore; it should be a fun distraction from the outside world and a way to feel better, physically and mentally, in these unprecedented circumstances. Not to mention a healthier lifestyle can occupy time and cure everyday boredom!

So, what can students do at home to maintain a healthy lifestyle? The simple answer is focusing on a cleaner diet that best satisfies you and what your body needs. As for exercising, there are so many classes and activities students can utilize during quarantine and beyond. Here are some top favorites from UMD students, using quarantine to get into a great exercise routine.

305 Fitness (+ other free dance classes on Youtube)

Popular dance fitness company, 305 Fitness, offers free online dance classes for at-home exercisers. If you were to take a class in one of their many studios, this fitness class requires nothing but yourself and a great attitude. For around 45 minutes, the instructor teaches dance combinations that have the entire class sweating, exercising specific muscles, and having a great time. Even at home, 305 Fitness allows you to work out for just under an hour without feeling bored with the exercise. Watching the classes from the comfort of your own home will enable you to pause whenever to find new dance classes and dance at your own pace.

PopSugar Fitness also provides a variety of dance cardio classes on YouTube. Between regular hip hop routines and tough Tabata sessions, these classes incorporate fun dance moves with muscle toning exercises.

Peloton, Soul Cycle, & JABS

Both Peloton and SoulCycle provide great classes for exercises on and off of a stationary bike. With Peloton, creating an account and downloading the app gives you access to hundreds of cycling classes. If you don’t have a Peloton bike, no problem! You can use any stationary bike to complete these cycling classes or choose from their array of yoga, cardio, stretching, and more. With free SoulCycle rides, many of the instructors are excited to be offering zoom classes. These online classes similar to Peloton but offer a personalized experience right in your home.

JABS is a $5 class that fills up very quickly. Tons of college students have recently tuned into JABS classes and can’t get enough. For this workout, all you have to do is sign up through the group’s website when the classes are released on Thursday evenings. Many local fitness instructors even do their workouts over Instagram Live and send their personal online class schedules via Instagram direct message.

Walking with Friends & Family

Taking this time in quarantine to walk with friends and family is a great idea. As the weather gets warmer, walking is a great activity to exercise and maintain safe interactions with other people. Walking is an easy, social-distance-friendly, step to increasing stamina and toning specific muscle groups. Any movement will serve you as a distraction from quarantine's boredom, but getting outside to walk around makes this distraction even better!

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