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Artist Spotlight: Sally Sossa

Sally Sossa is a Houston based rapper with a voice powered by heart and strength. She’s featured on Lil Durk’s song “Star Song” which has over 22 million streams on Spotify, and it’s been used in 1.3m TikTok videos to date and she’s been covered by XXL and Hot New Hip Hop! Most recently, she released her newest track “Moncler Coat”, which is an upbeat track that reflects on relationships and wanting to level up in life.

Our very own Creative Director, Jessie Garten took the opportunity to attend a press conference with Universal Musical Group to hear about Sally Sossa and her experiences in the music industry!

What inspires Sally to make music?

Pain, she has gone through a lot of hardships. She feels the responsibility to give motivation and hope to followers. She does this by moving forward, living, and doing things to make her happy.

What certain environment do you always go back to when you write a song?

Being alone helps her. By isolating and having the time by herself to be creative.

Who is Sally Sossa and who does she represent?

A sweet, loving, and noble young woman. Sossa is vicious, hungry and a monster. She represents strength, empowerment and being able to be you and not worrying about what the world thinks of you.

Where did Sally Sossa’s career start?

She entered and competed in a rapping competition against her brother and beat him which helped spark the interest she had in music.

How has being from Houston made an impact on her?

Being from Texas has grounded her and pushed her to work hard. She was once working at Popeyes and at McDonald’s for 2 years. She always took on new opportunities of working there and they’d offer her a variety of locations as she’d work hard.

What is her creative process?

Some days she goes to the studio and is feeling it in the studio and knows it's a hit. Other days, she may need some extra inspiration and thinking. She has her sister as a second brain and may be picking her up and suddenly getting some inspiration.

Favorite record?

Favorite record is “Who You Are.” The feedback from the record was good and she was very surprised to see how successful it went. “It Ain’t Love” is the song that is slept on. When she made the record she was going through a difficult time. You want to be around people and there comes a point where it doesn’t feel real or genuine, shares Sally. She was trying to force relationships and be with people, but it was all fake love.

What does Sally Sosa need in the studio?

She needs food, snacks, gummy bears, Lays, and nothing spicy. Maybe a nice drink or something. Those necessities are good vibes and good energy.

Is there anyone she hopes to work with?

Polo G and Olivia Rodrigo. Tokyo Styles has a cool aesthetic and is over the top.

What should listeners expect in the next music?

Unspeakable EP and a range of emotions that feel good. You’ll be able to feel motivated and keep moving.

How’d she choose music?

She always had one foot in the door and one foot in the studio. Junior year she was trying to avoid contact and was going in for a layup injured her ankle. This tore apart her dream of going to the WNBA because she was scared to get hurt and was afraid. She never felt ashamed and knew it had to be one or the other. She never lost sight of music. Her teammates would have rap battles on the bus and everyone would say, “Sally rap.” She knew she wanted to build her legacy in the studio.

What is her advice for up and coming musicians?

Keep your spirit and ideology first. Never let anybody else hurt your image and vision. Consistency is key and you have to show up. Stay true to who you are as a person and be yourself.

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