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Beauty and Self-Care During Finals Season

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

By: Hannah Zozobrado

When finals came around, students had to juggle multiple responsibilities all at once. Whether students juggled different academic duties like group projects or exams, the idea of beauty and self-care in a time of stress seemed to become something of the past.

“During finals, I wanted to be a bit more comfy during the constant studying and working and testing,” said Jewish studies and business management sophomore Elaine Berger. “On the day I had an 8 a.m. exam, I actually wore leggings and a t-shirt, which I rarely do.”

Throughout the semester, Berger felt that she cared for herself the most through her clothes; she viewed it “as a way to express [her]self.” For Berger, her clothing routine had less importance when finals began.

However, other students like sophomore journalism and government and politics double major Fatima Yazdi, turn to their routine in light of the finals period.

“I specifically make an effort to stick to my routines when stressful times like finals season roll around, to ensure I am feeling as well and confident as possible, as I would any other day,” Yazdi said. “Stripping myself of my daily habits makes me feel like my life isn’t in order — so if I have the time and energy, I like to stick to my skincare and makeup routine.”

Yazdi, comforted by her self-care routine rather than burdened by it, would spend a little less than an hour everyday doing her skincare, on top of the occasional makeup. When finals came around, this routine didn’t change.

“For me, putting effort into my appearance is really a form of self care. It’s relaxing and nice to have that time entirely to myself,” Yazdi said.

Despite having slightly different approaches with their quotidian self-care and beauty routines, both Berger and Yazdi have prioritized their studies while also prioritizing themselves this finals season.

“I try to take care of my skin because it makes me feel like I’m caring for myself and it makes me feel more put together,” Berger said. “I put effort into my clothing because… I like how my clothes make me feel.”

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