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Blazers: Elevating your Winter Attire

By: Adelia McGuire

As the days grow increasingly cold, it can be hard to find an outfit that fits high fashion standards while providing protection from the ruthless winter chill. Once considered exclusively business attire, the blazer has reinvented itself into something which deserves a spot in all of our closets. Fashionable. Warm. Adaptable. The blazer does it all and through an array of design options, this piece is bound to spark your attention.

Don’t let the dropping temps put a damper on your stylistic expression. Check out the possibilities that your next favorite piece of attire has to offer!

Material— Leather, velvet, felt, cotton, suede, and silk. The list goes on. With each differing material, a new personality of this unique jacket is unlocked. Explore the looks that blazers of different materials bring and discover your favorite for every occasion. Looking for a warmer option to stride through winters brutal reign? Try leather, sure to provide that extra layer of warmth, the leather blazer can never go wrong and seems to effortlessly transform your outfit. Add a pop of color to your wardrobe and delve into the limitless potential of velvet. Between its soft feel and color flexibility, the velvet blazer is nothing short of chic and classy. From texture and function to style and comfort, each material is designed with a specific purpose and stylish goal, begin your search and discover the fabric line perfect for you.

Prints. Enough of those typical dull grays and blacks. Prints are in and the fashion industry can not get enough of them. This year plaid is undoubtedly the face of the blazer. Pair with a neutral jean or your go-to trousers and watch as heads turn. Get ambitious with a bright plaid print or add subtle detail to your outfit with a more neutral shade. As the emergence of blazers settles, its progression towards popularity has new doors opening. Spot pretty printed blazers all over the fashion icons of today. Classy stripes, eccentric checkers, or a sweet floral design are expanding the jacket game and eagerly calling your name.

Approach. Being able to adjust the effect and power held by your blazer is one of the greatest things about this staple piece. With ease, get event-ready and pair your blazer with your favorite pants, making your unique jacket the focal point of the outfit while leaving others in awe. Need to top off an outfit already styled to perfection? Leave your jacket open, allowing the clothes beneath to receive all attention while still adding that fashionable effect which the blazer has. Change the impact your blazer has based on the length. Fit in with recent fashion trends and add a cropped blazer to the mix or take a more traditional approach with a more lengthier cut. The style opportunities are endless when it comes to the blazer. This jacket isn’t built for just one occasion, take advantage of its versatility and rock your blazer all the time!

There’s no special key to rocking the blazer. Short, tall, Regardless of your style, regardless of your size, the blazer is fit for all. Take a chance this winter, try out a new up and coming trend and fall in love with your next big fashion obsession!

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