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Campus Spotlight: Jaime Martin Atilano

Jaime Martin Atilano is a senior Marketing and Supply Chain Management double major with a certificate in LGBT studies at the University of Maryland. On top of being a member of the Student Government Association, the Strategic Design and Innovation Fellows Program and Delta Sigma Pi business fraternity, just to name a few, Jaime is also passionate about makeup and expresses this interest through their Instagram and Youtube accounts.

From both the creative and strategic angles, Jaime uses their knowledge to create content they think will have a positive impact on their followers. "I like creating content and being funny, and just being me. I would say my brand is all about how you live your full, authentic life," they say.

Jaime first started experimenting with makeup when their friend and themself came out around the same time. It started as something they would do just for fun, but then it clicked that this was something they could potentially get good at. From then on, they played around with different products and colors to create new looks.

Social media influencers and Youtubers such as Flawless Kevin, Nikki Tutorial and Pat McGrath taught Jaime important makeup skills and also inspired them to create their own content. Bretman Rock, "really had a huge influence on me. To see someone who is Filipino, doing makeup and being funny really encouraged me to also open up myself," said Jaime, who was born in the Philippines as well.

On their Youtube channel, Jaime loves to spill the tea on everything and anything. Video topics range from tips for dealing with combination skin to fixing a bad dye job to the culture around dating. "I’ve always wanted to do something where I could make an impact on people’s lives. I like having myself out there, but I realized it's fun creating content," they say.

Jaime says the most difficult part of the Youtube process has been learning the technical tools like editing and content planning, but that experience has also been rewarding to take on the self-teaching and entrepreneurial challenge. With the time constraint of school and extracurricular, Youtube has been put on the back burner, but Jaime continues to engage on Instagram.

Jaime encourages novice makeup users to turn to Youtube and Instagram to learn techniques because beauty influencers are there to create content and teach makeup. “Always know you can practice at home and no one has to see; it's like the first draft at writing an essay, you don’t have to submit it,"

When reflecting on the beauty industry as a whole, Jaime hopes to see an increase in foundation shade ranges for all skin types. "Inclusivity should just be a standard so that everyone feels beautiful in their own way" they say. They would also like the industry to become less intimidating and more interpersonal, especially for newcomers who may not know which products are right for their skin type.

Jaime's View on Beauty: "Beauty is not one definition. Beauty is your own confidence, your own light and your own expression.”

One Product Jaime Cannot Live Without: Eyebrow Gel

Jaime's Makeup Inspo: Brentman Rock, Flawless Kevin, Pat McGrath

No. 1 Makeup Tip: Focus on your skin first. "It’s like painting on a canvas, You can have the best tools, but if the canvas is not working neither will your products."

Jaime's Holy Grail Products:

Fenty Beauty: Pro Filt'r Hydrating Longwear Foundation

Maybelline: Volum' Express The Colossal Mascara

Anastasia Beverly Hills: DipBrow Pomade

BECCA: Shimmering Pressed Highlighter in Champagne Pop

Pat McGrath: Mothership II Eyeshadow Palette - Sublime

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