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Campus Spotlight: Miral Mohamed

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

By Emma Hall

With the rise of crystals, environmentalism, and astrology due to social media, fashion featuring these trends has become more popular as well. Miral Mohamed, a freshman at the University of Maryland, majoring in Government and Politics, has been noted by her peers and classmates as having a particularly unique style featuring earthy pieces and comforting colors and is a prime example of this.

Starting an outfit is usually the most challenging part of getting ready, yet Mohamed has a strategy: “I start with a piece that I'm particularly fond of, whether it be a new sweater I bought or my favorite pair of jeans; I usually build an outfit from one piece and go from there,” Mohamed said. She strives for confidence first and foremost and thinks that if she likes what she’s wearing, even if it might be considered ‘boring’ to some people, it’s a “win from her”.

Mohamed also believes that since she has gotten to UMD, her personal style has been “toned down” a bit to look like what she describes as a “typical college kid” - more casually dressed, and who usually prioritize comfort over anything else when getting ready in the morning. However, she still remains that feeling confident is the most important accessory, and strongly holds the belief that “[you] can take on any daunting task if [you] have a good outfit on”.

Miral sports a classic warm fit for her, consisting of a tote and some more of her go-to items.

Miral stretches with confidence in what she is wearing, which is a cute hippie skirt and some chunky Doc Martens.

In addition to being assured of what she is wearing, comfort is another top priority when she gets dressed every day. “There's no point in wearing something I feel uncomfortable in because then I won't feel confident in the outfit. That being said, I always try to combine comfort and style. There are days where I just wear pj's though, and to me, that's still a win”. Beauty and comfort, while usually in two different realms of fashion, are sewed together seamlessly with her baggy sweaters and loose-fitting pants that give a vintage, earthy look to her outfits.

As for the sources of her wicked looks, she revealed that most of her most unique or favorite pieces have been thrifted. In addition to this, there is the added benefit of it being more eco-friendly; to buy and wear pre-owned clothes. Mohamed appreciates that the “story behind each article of clothing and [knowing] they were loved before [she] got them and will be loved when the cycle is continued and [she] donates them again”.

As for a key staple, Mohamed says that her beaded necklace is something she wears and needs every day; “It is more of a superstition than anything, but I feel weird not having it on, it's too special not to be worn”.

We all look forward to seeing what great things Miral Mohamed will accomplish in her next years at the University of Maryland, and more importantly, what she’ll wear while doing them.

Miral shows off her beaded necklace that she says she couldn’t live without - she wears it everywhere!

Miral is comfy in a sweater and jeans, looking cozy and cute at the same time!

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