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Drawing Style Inspiration from Netflix Shows

By Riley Brennan

Beloved shows available to stream like Gossip Girl and Euphoria are two of the most popular when it comes to fashion forward shows with amazing style inspiration. However, there are other shows to stream that, while not always remembered for their style and outfits, provide a detailed approach to the fashion displayed that can be both timeless and trendy. Here are some good options for anyone looking for some alternative fashion forward shows that can be found on Netflix.

Mad Men

It’s the 60s! It’s retro! It’s an eclectic mix of workwear, formal attire, casual weekend wear, and everything in between. In the seven seasons Mad Men spans, the characters’ style, and fashion features progress with the years that pass (all the way up until 1969). The show itself is known for careful detail put into the characters’ outfits, with many of the characters’ styles serving to further the characters’ qualities and characteristics and further represent them as a person. Whether that be through the contrast in style between older and younger characters, traditional and nontraditional, the difference in class, etc., the characters’ styles help to define their personality and highlight their background.

Derry Girls

If you haven’t heard of Derry Girls before, you now have no excuse not to go and binge its two seasons on Netflix. The show follows around a group of teens living in Northern Ireland in the 90s. You get European and 90s European fashion all in one. When the characters aren’t wearing their Catholic school uniforms, each of the teens’ individual styles shine through in hints of fun, bright colors, unique accessories, and lots of denim. Classic 90s staples like chokers, turtle necks, space buns, big hoops, denim jackets, flannels, and lots of layering are on full display.

The Crown

Another historical show, I know. But the range of outfits this show provides is worth the watch on its own. This show has every look that Queen Elizabeth could possibly wear and more. There is a lot of formal wear featured in the show and one of the biggest style takeaways is how clean, powerful, and trendy monochromatic outfits are. Matching top and bottom sets are really popular right now and the monochromatic formal wear pieces worn by characters of The Crown can be a good place to draw inspiration from when buying matching clothing items. Button down tops are also having a moment right now, a piece of clothing which characters in the show can often be seen wearing when dressed down.


Fallon Carrington. That’s it. Elizabeth Gillies plays Fallon on the CW remake of the show and often showcases many of Fallon’s fabulous outfits on her Instagram. If you need one reason to give the show a try, do it for Fallon’s outfits. While many of her outfits suit her glamorous, upper-class persona, a lot of them can serve as great inspiration for any outfit, whether it be an evening gown or loungewear. One prominent aspect of Fallon’s wardrobe is the presence of strong, bold colors that pop, and the commitment to such colors. Oftentimes Fallon’s entire outfit encompasses one color, whether that be pink, white, red, or black, the entire look is always chic and eye-catching. To top it all off, her accessories always complete her outfits, ranging from stunning Chanel bags to large floppy hats to strappy heels to trendy knee-high boots.


Another CW show. This one may seem a little strange as the show centers around 1500s royalty, specifically Mary, Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth I. But I can’t help but see the similarities between the corsets in the show with the ones I see trending on Depop and almost every other trendy online clothing store. Many of the dresses on the show also feature lots of embroidery, sparkly detailing, and lace (all of which are popular additions to trendy tops and outfits seen today), especially when it comes to replicating early 2000s looks. Another staple on the show are headbands, which have also resurfaced in today’s pop culture.

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