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Fashion Forecast, 2021

By: Jax Maloney

The skies have been sullied these past few months with the grey clouds of quarantine, blocking us from showing off all the super cute trends that sprang up prior to these gloomy days. But luckily, the skies may be clearing and those trends we just started to fall in love with aren’t going anywhere. Of course, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t expect anything new.

Casual yet stylish loungewear isn’t going anywhere in 2021, especially not with the coronavirus still looming. Matching knit sets will definitely be coming with us to the new year. We saw a little bit of these in March and around springtime, but it quickly died out and was overthrown by the controversial DIY tie-dye loungewear. The tie-dye was fun while it lasted, but it seems that it was simply a result of quarantine boredom and it will go out as quickly as it came in. Not only will knit and elevated loungewear be taking over the comfy, cozy aspect of fashion, but there will also be a rise in fancy, more “bougie” sweatpants. Whether it be satin, velvet, or embellished, the classic sweatpants silhouette will be a little posher. Speaking of sweats, we all remember when Emma Chamberlain, the queen herself, put on her iconic crew neck sweatshirt and turtleneck and it took the world by storm. This trend is not going anywhere either, but as of recently, Chamberlain has been seen rocking Gap sweatshirts. And so, Gap sweatshirts will definitely be really big, the question is if they will last.

When it comes to fancier fits, there will definitely be some new trends popping up to intermingle with what we are wearing now. Second-skin tops have been really popular this season. With the cold weather, layering has saved us all from freezing. As the cold weather continues, it will be a while before layering and turtlenecks will disappear for the season. This is definitely a timeless trend that’s worth the investment. On the other hand, a less sustainable trend that I would not recommend investing in (if you haven’t already) is sweater vests. Trust me, I have been tempted many times by the super cute sweater vests seen everywhere right now. The only thing stopping me is the reminder that just like infinity scarves and maxi skirts, it might be one of those things we wonder why we ever wore several years down the line.

In terms of trending color schemes, Pantone has created a few palettes that incorporate both bold and exciting colors with sophisticated and classic colors. One of the biggest combinations that it seems a lot of designers have used in their spring/summer 2021 collections is pastel color. Working together warm lavenders, soft pinks, and fresh yellows have always been a classic combination for spring and summer, but even as winter continues for the next few months these colors will become more prominent. We already have seen pale green or sage take the world by storm recently and that has opened the doors to more floral colors, particularly lavender and periwinkle, to come into the spotlight for the rest of this winter season and into spring.

While staying ahead of trends is every fashionista’s goal, it is important to be conscious of what you invest in and where you spend your money. Before purchasing any upcoming trend, it is crucial to reflect on whether or not you believe the trend will be just that, or if it will blossom into a closet essential. This is not only to save your own money but to reduce your effect on the fashion industry’s massive waste levels. Conscious shopping is the best kind!

More trends for 2021 according to the fashion world are...

  • Leather

  • Mini skirts, short shorts

  • Utility

  • Wide leg, relaxed trousers

  • Checkered

  • Volume

  • Gloves

  • Long coats

  • White tall boots

  • Bold pants

  • Mesh tops

  • Corset tops

  • Fur trim

  • Patchwork

  • Leg warmers

  • Chunky 90s heels

  • Wide leg jeans

  • Jordans

  • Capes

  • Cropped cardigan

  • Bra tops

  • Shoulder pads

  • Fancy gloves

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