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Festival Fashion

By Kassidy McDonald

As we approach tickets going on sale for Coachella 2020, we also begin to see brand promotions for festival wear all over our Instagram feeds. Instagram boutiques such as Easy Tiger, The Lola Collection, Coco Fields Boutique and Jam Vintage exclusively sell festival clothing and have gained popularity over the years through influencer partnerships and advertisements. Popular e-commerce sites such as ASOS, Revolve and Lulus have started to create special categories, or edits, on their websites for a one-stop festival shopping experience.

Festival fashion dates back to Woodstock in the 1960s, and though festival style has changed since then, we still see some tributes to that time period (more chic, less hippie tie dye looks). Through social media, we are able to analyze how festival style has evolved, and also define an aesthetic for different festivals. Festival goers often dress in a way that reflects the musical line-up and the festival environment.

Coachella, arguably the most glamourized festival, is associated with a bohemian vibe due to its location in the Californian desert. Coachella strives to create an atmosphere of inclusiveness and good vibes. Past performers include Childish Gambino, Billie Eilish and Diplo. Lollapalooza, one of my personal favorites, takes place in Grant Park located in Chicago each summer in late July or early August. This festival’s fashion scene features more of a streetwear, even rave, vibe with performers like The Chainsmokers, Flume, Alesso and more. Other popular festivals include Firefly, Governor’s Ball and Moonrise, which takes place nearby in Baltimore every August.

Need inspiration for this year’s festivals? Look beyond your friends’ Instagram and Facebook profiles. Pinterest has endless photos and DIYs for fashion and beauty ideas. Many influencers make YouTube vlogs not only of them getting ready for the festivals, but also an inside look into their day. This could be especially helpful for first time festival goers who need to know what necessities to bring along.

Here I break down some looks from Maryland students and ask them where they found inspiration for each festival she attended. They mostly shopped online for looks and found inspiration in Instagram influencers and celebrities. The girls shared a common goal of finding an outfit that was comfortable enough to dance the night away and explore the festival grounds in, without sacrificing her individual style.

Agnes Lin

Festival: Moonrise

Trends: Monochrome, Glitter, Statement Sunglasses, Belts

Jill Siegel

Festival: Governors Ball

Trends: Chain Belts, Frayed Denim, Statement Jewelry, Fanny Packs

Ashley Metzbower

Festival: Moonrise

Trends: Glitter, Fishnets, Bandanas

Festival: Firefly

Trends: Boho Hats, Fringe, Bold Prints, Statement Jewelry

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