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Go Green & Shop Sustainably

By Jessie Garten

Looking for fast, convenient and sustainable ways to freshen up your closet? Make your next guilt-free shop near UMD Campus through the click of a button on Curtsy. An app that provides fast fashion, connects women across the globe and creates an empowering community to shop the cutest new apparel at affordable prices.

Through sustainable shopping, simple selling and amazing service, personalize your closet while earning quick cash. Shop sustainable eco-friendly fabrics like silk, linen, hemp organic wool and more through sustainable fashion techniques like repurposed and thrifting! Skip the lines, post office run and simply download Curtsy with one tap.

Why not online shop or take a trip to your favorite boutique you may be the US 10.5 million tons of clothing are sent to landfills and 40 to 80 pounds of clothing are discarded by the average person yearly. This is why you should take the next steps to thrift on Curtsy - the new fast fashion app that utilizes environmentally friendly methods. The app features top brands to shop including Free People, Nike, Princess Polly and others you won’t want to miss out on.

How can you get involved around the UMD campus? Curtsy at UMD plans to do several trunk shows and host events around campus to engage with students. Contact UMD Curtsy ambassadors Carly Seidman at (781) 248-4755 and Lauren Silas at (703) 342-8699 for more information. Visit @curtsy.maryland for sustainable fashion book and movie recommendations along with other resources!

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