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Holiday Gift Guide

By: Sasha Howard

It’s that time of year again! Finding gifts for your friends and family can be especially difficult on a student budget. These gift ideas are for those people who claim they don’t want anything or already have everything. Here are a few of my favorite unique options and websites to shop on.

For the art lover…

Dali Style Clock

A melting clock will always look good sitting on a shelf. Don’t worry, it works too! This is the piece of décor that I get the most compliments on; it’s trippy. $15

Where to Find: Amazon seller - Modern Home

Simple Use Reusable Film Camera

Disposable cameras are fun and easy to use but buying a new one every 25 photos can be expensive and wasteful. The film is the only thing that needs to be replaced with these cameras and they’re just as simple; perfect for any beginner to start snapping photos right away. $22

Where to Find: Lomography

For the foodies…

MUD Whip Frother

This electric frother can be useful for blending or frothing many different foods and drinks but is especially useful on a daily basis for making foamy coffee! One less reason to spend money buying a latte. $15

Where to Find: MUD \ WTR

Absolute Best Mug Cakes Cookbook: 100 Family-Friendly Microwave Cakes

Sometimes you just want a small piece of cake. This recipe book is cute and not too daunting for someone who doesn’t know how to bake. Surprise them with a mug cake along with the book! $13

Where to Find: Barnes and Noble

Zeroll Ice Cream Scooper

We have all struggled to scoop hard ice cream. This scooper is the real deal; it is filled with a defrosting fluid that responds to the warmth of your hand. It cuts into really frozen ice cream and lets it slide right off after (no more excessive shaking)! Throw in their favorite ice cream with this gift. $20

Where to Find: Williams Sonoma

For the…others…

Hidden Crystal Candles

These pretty pyramid candles have a second gift inside! Crystals, charms, and jewelry can be uncovered by burning the candle. You can choose from various colors and scents; there are even zodiac-themed ones for your Sagittarius or Capricorn people. $40

Where to Find: Soul Terra

Diffraction Glasses

These glasses diffract light into different colors and shapes. One shows a multitude of rainbow colors and another one shows hearts. These make visual experiences so fascinating. Go look at Christmas lights, save them for concerts, or just in traffic at night (as a passenger). $10 - $17

Where to Find: Amazon seller: GloFX

100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

This poster has squares to scratch off that reveals a bunch of classics and blockbusters. If you and your friends take forever to choose something to watch this is the solution. It would be especially useful this year considering the pandemic. $15

Where to Find: Uncommon Goods

Novelty Lighters

If you know someone who uses lighters often, for candles or other activities, get them a refillable one! This Etsy shop has a bunch of unique shapes like a bar of chocolate, a dice stack, a chili pepper, and lipstick. $17

Where to Find: IncinerStation

Didn't find what you need?

Here are some places to shop…

Uncommon Goods

This shop is exactly what the name says; you no longer have to weed out the ordinary, boring items. They have many various categories that will cover whoever and whatever you’re shopping for. They have a selection of gifts you can’t get anywhere if you’re looking for a truly unique gift. Support causes you to believe in by shopping from their sections of Gifts That Give Back or Black Makers.

Bold Faced Goods

This shop has a various household or simple items like dishcloths and ribbons that have funny typographic designs. The humor ranges from more conservative to explicit; you’ll be able to find something for your Grandma and your friends. Their designs are colorful, and their fonts are trendy. Shop from their Eco section for compostable dishcloths or reusable mesh produce bags.


This shop is full of unique, quirky products. They have sections of gifts that are genuinely useful, like DIY kits and tools (that are still creative designs). A few things that differentiate their shop from others is their selection of windup toys, music boxes, and solar-powered figurines.

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