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Hot Girl Reads for 2023

By: Sophia Slaughenhoupt

Now that we're in the swing of 2023, one of the top goals for most is to finally pick up the book that has been sitting in their rooms for months and read more. This can be difficult for students already so overwhelmed by textbook assignments, that the thought of reading for enjoyment seems exhausting. Lucky for you, this list of books read by your favorite “it” girls will fuel a fulfilling and successful new year and get you to actually stick to at least one new year’s resolution . Inspired by the Instagram blog, @coolgirlsreadingbooks, you’re sure to find a new favorite read in this book club!

Just Kids - Patti Smith

If you’re looking for a memoir, this is definitely a classic! Written by punk musician Patti Smith, the novel details her life living in New York City during the late 60’s and relationship with her muse, artist Robert Mapplethorpe. Detailing young and wild love in broken down apartments during a time of cultural change in America, this book is a must read for art and music lovers.

My Year of Rest and Relaxation - Ottessa Moshfegh

For a more moody read, Moshfegh describes the life of a woman and her extreme efforts to hide from the harsh realities of the world (The author visited UMD last semester!). Embarking on a year of chemical hibernation, the unnamed privileged New Yorker protagonist details the ups and downs of her journey into a self-care era of being reborn.

East of Eden - John Steinbeck

If you’re looking for a classic novel or a longer read, Steinbeck’s renowned works are the perfect find! Mentioned in Emma Chamberlain’s Youtube video, “READING IS HOT”, East of Eden portrays human nature and its sins. The story tells of three generations of two families in California during the 1910s. With betrayal and passion, this novel is an exciting read for anyone interested in the classics.

The Woman Destroyed - Simone de Beauvoir

“The Woman Destroyed” is a collection of stories with a more revengeful undertone. Depicting a woman's rage and despair, Beauvoir’s novel is the perfect devastating French read, describing aging, loss, and betrayal. The 1967 writings hold up today as well with societal and internal pressures on womanhood.

Normal People - Sally Rooney

For an emotionally-charged romance novel, “Normal People” tells of friendship, love, and twin flames. Describing the ups and downs of an electric first love and growing pains, this story will keep bringing you back in like the connection between Connell and Marianne in a Gen Z world.

Girls Can Kiss Now - Jill Gutowitz

A collection of humorous and personal essays; Gutowitz writes of everything from letters to her younger self, pop culture, the internet, and queerness. If you’re looking for an insightful and laugh out loud book, this is the witty book for the Gen Z generation and culture. The perfect relatable read when you need a heart-warming pick-me-up for laugh!

With these book recommendations, you’re sure to find the perfect read for your semester and embrace your inner bookworm!

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