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How to Turn Your Bedroom Into Your Sanctuary

By Elizabeth Flood

You’re sent home from college and plunged into a cave of “Covidity” as you realize that your bedroom is a time capsule of high school rather than a relaxing and zen space. Since we are all spending a lot more time binging Netflix, and staring at walls of confinement during quarantine, it is time you give your bedroom a make-over! Follow these simple, easy, and fun tips and tricks to make your bedroom feel like it is a room for you and only you.

Create a Photo Mood Wall

Your walls are the first thing you look at when you wake up, and the last thing you see as you go to sleep- how do they make you feel? Creating a specific vibe for your bedroom will make it more mature and chic. Pick a color scheme, and head to Pinterest or VSCO to seek out photos that speak to you! Once you have a solid collection, you can print them on canvases and then play around with the layout! This will give you an activity to do for the day besides online shopping, watching Netflix, and baking banana bread. Once you have a trendy photo wall in place, it will be easier to decide the kind of bedroom you want, and how to achieve it.

Use Baskets for Storage

Clutter is zen’s enemy. Piles of shoes, blankets and sweatshirts can make a room feel more juvenile and unorganized. Find any kind of cute baskets that you like, and you will find things to fill them, trust me. Baskets are pretty inexpensive and a fantastic way to organize, they also give off a clean and chic look.

Get Rid of Stuff

Before you start filling your pretty new baskets as a means of organization, make sure that the things you have in them are things that you will actually be reaching for regularly. I highly recommend watching “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo” on Netflix. She talks about strategies to declutter and organize a room. After watching Marie, I was inspired to purge and it made such a difference! Start with your clothes, then books, and finally miscellaneous items. Keep only the items that speak to you, and throw out the rest. Organizing your room in an effective way will ensure that it stays that way for good, and not just for a few days. Plus, a clean organized room will make you feel relaxed every time you step into it.

Spice Up Your Furniture

Now is the time to test your creative edge and try some DIY projects. Repainting furniture or adding different knobs and accessories can make pieces look brand new. Home Depot, Anthropologie, and Wayfair all sell super cute and unique knobs that can give your old furniture a fresh, new vibe. Check out some youtube tutorials on how to properly paint furniture and get creative. If you're feeling particularly crafty, try upholstering cushions or a chair in your room to create a whole new look!

Air Diffusers and Candles

There is no better feeling than walking into your room after a long day of Zooming, and being greeted with a clean refreshing scent. Air diffusers come in many forms that can actually add to your bedroom decor as well. Anthropologie even sells air diffusers in the form of flowers in glass jars! Candles can be found with the same color scheme as your bedroom, and along with being soothing, they give any room a cool ambiance.


Posters in a room take up empty wall space and complete the vibe you are going for. Having posters that remind you of a goal that you have can also motivate you and increase your productivity throughout the day!

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