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Influencer Spotlight: Danielle Bernstein

By Elizabeth Dawejko

In this series, Monumental's Creative Director Elizabeth Dawejko spotlights different fashion influencers taking the industry by storm not only through their unique style but also with their drive and entrepreneurial spirit.

Danielle Bernstein is one of the most successful ‘fashion influencers’ on Instagram, with 2.3 million followers to date. Bernstein is an alumni of the Fashion Institute of Technology, but began her college career at The University of Wisconsin, Madison, before realizing Manhattan was where she had to be. Danielle has come quite a far way- in a very short time. Bernstein is the CEO of two companies, WeWoreWhat, her fashion brand dedicated mostly to seasonal swim, and MOE Assist, a new technological platform with a brilliant niche. MOE is an application made for influencers specifically, to assist them in managing their sponsorships and communicating with companies.

Danielle’s creativity and drive earned her a Forbes 30-under-30 title at the age of 24, and she has shown the world that she is just getting started- as she recently released a collection into 150+ Macy’s department stores. The collection is her namesake, Danielle Bernstein, and every piece is under $100. Bernstein’s first book This Is Not A Fashion Story is being released later this spring.

Bernstein provides her followers with content all day- she begins with her ‘morning look’ then normally proceeds to describe her agenda for the day ahead on the way to her first obligation. Danielle’s weeks are filled with an array of events and she displays her drive constantly whether she is mastering a new hip-hop dance routine or mentoring startups like Highline Wellness. All in the month of March, Bernstein has been recording her upcoming autobiography for Audible, released her SS20 WWW Swim Campaign; she donated over $20,000 dollars of the proceeds from this launch to New York City food banks, amid the Coronavirus crisis, showing her support and the opportunities that her platform provides.

The Insta ‘mogul’ is constantly pushing to better herself and is currently enrolled in a leadership class for young CEOs, where she dedicates some of her Saturdays to furthering her knowledge on how to lead and delegate even further and more successfully. And all of this.... At the young age of 27. Bernstein is a strong ambitious businessperson, whose drive has led her to accomplish extraordinary things, and her success is an inspiration for young women everywhere- regardless of whether they follow the fashion industry or not.

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