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Level Up Your Layers

Layering is back in fashion and is a colder weather essential.

By: Leah Zahniser

It is hard to forget the iconic layering looks of the '90s, especially since they are back in style! '90s cult classics like ‘Clueless’ set the stage for the layering phenomenon by styling basics together, such as a tank over a white tee; but now layering is back with a new fervor.

Layering is an essential fashion tool to keep a clean and stylish look without being drowned in bulky clothes. Implementing different levels to an outfit has an array of benefits. From adding detail to keeping warm in the cold, the layering possibilities are endless. Let's dive into some layering laws.

When styling, there are three main layering options: tight layers underneath, tight layers on top, or baggy layers on baggy. Each has their respective qualities.

Starting an outfit with tight layers underneath are the basic beginnings to layering. Pairing a tight white long sleeve underneath a tank top is an iconic 90s look. A modern twist on this staple look is the current trend of wearing a crocheted long sleeve top over a white tank top. Other ways to spice up an outfit with tight layers include colorful tights under a skirt, dress, or ripped jeans. These accessories allow small details to pop in an outfit and make seemingly simple clothes an integral part of a look.

Adding a tight layer on top has become increasingly trendy since 2019. This technique is a noticeable feature of an outfit and adds movement and dimension. A corset or any tight top in the midriff region will accentuate curves and switch up the flow of an outfit. Another way to do this is to throw on a tight vest or button up over an outfit. The fit of the corset or vest creates a strong contrast to a flowy or loose item underneath, highlighting both pieces. Gigi Hadid is the perfect example of this layering law, famously rocking corsets over a variety of looks.

The last layering rule, and in my opinion the coolest, is baggy on baggy. A variety of styles follow this rule, but is mostly seen in streetwear. Breaking layering basics and pairing a loose long sleeve under a baggy tee or a series of jackets create a unique yet effortless look. Layering doesn't only apply to tops! A lacey under skirt can add a pop of femininity underneath any basic black mini skirt. The key is to keep the different layers visible even though baggy items can take up a lot of space in the outfit.

To master layering you need balance. Finding the sweet spot between adding as much detail as possible while keeping the look cohesive can be difficult. Sticking to the holy grail pieces will keep you on the right track : vests, corsets, button ups, tights, long socks, lace undergarments, crocheted clothing, long sleeves, basic tees, and jackets of different bulks and lengths.

Layering is an opportunity to make outfits your own while maximizing comfort in cold temperatures. Keeping the different laws of layering in mind while choosing an outfit expands possibilities and helps create a more authentic and unique style catered to your taste.

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