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Light Up Quarantine Life with Holiday Decorations

By: Katherine Mahoney

As this crazy year comes to a close, the stress of 2020 is still weighing down on us every day. Amid the coronavirus, events throughout the year have been canceled no matter what they were. This year the holiday season will be completely different as families zoom during the holidays instead of gathering in person. While this year is going to be completely different, there are still numerous ways to find joy and get in the holiday spirit, whether you live on campus or at home.

In 2020 there seems to be a new problem in the world every month. We seem to have little control over what is happening, so it is important to remind ourselves of the things we do have control over. During the holiday season, it is relieving to step back and see what we can control. Setting up holiday decorations around a dorm room or bedroom is an easy way to get in the holiday spirit without breaking any restrictions. They can brighten up any room, no matter what holiday you celebrate, all while keeping your loved ones and yourself safe. Putting up decorations can also be an amazing distraction that allows us to escape from the stressful lives we are currently living. Decorating your house or dorm room allows you to create your own happiness and take some time away from schoolwork or the stress of the holidays to truly focus on yourself. Throughout the pandemic, it feels as if we are all just holding our breath and waiting for it to get better. Taking a few minutes to decorate for the holidays is a great way for us to distract ourselves and finally let out a breath of relaxation. Decorations like lights, pillows, and blankets can help us be reminded of what we are thankful for this year, whether that is our past memories, our health, or our family. We can simply pick up a pillow and last year’s memories can come flooding back.

Decor can be catered to different lifestyles, personalities, and living arrangements. As college students in such a stressful time in history, it is easy to get caught up in our work and forget to take time to relax. Decorating our space allows us to take some time to breathe and not worry about what is going on in the world around us. We can also team up with roommates or family members to shake off the weight on our shoulders every day.

Decorations can range from super pricey to do-it-yourself projects that only cost a few dollars. Some places to find amazing morale-boosting decorations this winter season are Target and Michaels. Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration too. One decor must-have is the snowflake pillow from Target; a cheap yet stylish pillow that can be used to brighten any different living situation as well as for any winter holiday. There are also do-it-yourself decorations that can be found on Pinterest, like the snowy mason jars, that can be placed all around a dorm room or home or the beautifully painted ornament that is perfect to customize for any person and any holiday.

This is a very difficult time for many people around the world. Even with the stress that comes along with the pandemic and everyday college stressors, decorating is still a way to find joy this holiday season. With every light put up and pillow added, coronavirus anxiety and fatigue can melt away. Although normal holiday traditions have been put on hold, new holiday traditions can still be made no matter where you are or what you are dealing with. Make some hot chocolate, begin decorating, and breathe in the joy of this holiday season.

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