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Love It or List It: A Guide to Poshmark Success

By: Julia Rosow

The age-old catchphrase, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, must have originated in fashion. Recycled clothing is not worn-out, it’s vintage. The yellow sundress that screams dated to you may be the perfect retro-chic piece to someone else.  Online resale marketplaces have the power to turn unwanted items into money-making machines in just a few clicks, but their reach does not stop there.

Community resale applications are also great alternatives to the sometimes  controversial captains of the fashion industry.  Fast fashion corporations have come under scrutiny lately through a number of exposés detailing their exploitation and mistreatment of workers.  Many retail giants, such as H&M, Gap, and Forever 21, use forced labor, unsustainable production methods, and pay their employees unlivable wages to maximize their own profits.  Shopping through second-hand retail sites is a direct form of activism to support the movement against the abusive establishment of fast fashion.

The reasons to use social selling apps are clear, but using these apps effectively can be slightly more complicated. So, if you’ve already purged your closet and downloaded the app, follow these easy tips and tricks to become a Poshmark success.

Stage a Clean Background

Lighting either makes or breaks a photo. It is the art of staging that is critical to capturing your items in their best light.  Try to use plain white backdrops with ample amounts of warm lighting.  Placing a bedside lamp just out of the camera’s view will brighten the environment and give your item a more lavish look.

Aim to Channel a Specific Style

To create an active following on social selling apps, consistency in the style of your listings is crucial.  It’s easy to begin your account by posting an excess of random items all at once, but don’t fall into this trap! Post different types of listings separately (i.e., shoes then denim then workout gear), and pay attention to what items receive the most attention. Whether it’s vintage apparel, athletic wear, designer accessories or graphic tees, find a vibe that attracts your followers the most, and stick to it.  This is the simplest way to grow a base of consistent buyers. 

Be Responsive

For most people, hesitation and indecision are inherent players when shopping, and these feelings are often amplified when using online resale platforms.  Aim to check the activity on your account every couple of hours in the few first days after you post a listing to respond to any comments, questions, or potential offers in a timely manner.  Several days after you post, make viewers who showed prior interest in your item a new offer at a slightly discounted selling price.  This will dramatically increase your chances of closing a sale and making a profit.

Don’t Overprice and Be Willing to Negotiate

Make sure you don’t lose sight of “resale” in resale marketplaces when you are pricing your new listings.  Typically, buyers come to these platforms to purchase items at discounted rates knowing many of them have been previously used or worn.  Interested buyers will frequently make counteroffers to reduce the price of your original listing.  Try not to quickly discredit these offers because you believe your item is worth more.  In cases such as these, the most success is often found when sellers and buyers compromise on a price point between the initial selling price and the prospective buyer’s counteroffer.

Be Social

The most successful Poshmark accounts engage with their follower base to expand their network of buyers.  Engagement is the foundation to social selling sites.  Just as you should be responsive and interactive with those interested in your listings, other accounts will do the same.  Liking other listings  and posting comments on those that interest you will bring more traffic to your own site and lead to more potential sales.

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