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Monumental Magazine's Fall 2021 Fashion Trend Predictions

By: Renae Stamas

Opera Gloves

The return of the roaring 20s is bringing back the want for ultra-formal fashion and glamour. Opera gloves have been seen on runways recently like when Miley Cyrus walked for Marc Jacobs, and on celebrities like Rihanna and Beyoncé. A dress with matching opera gloves for a night out will look instantaneously more fun. It’s one of the most dramatic accessories that will surely make you stand out this fall.

Mixed Patterns

Clashing patterns, which was once seen as taboo, is now becoming the thing to do. This trend is super eye-catching and easy to pull off. It works especially well with outfits that have layering, which makes it the perfect trend for the upcoming fall season! You can also stick to a color palette when mixing patterns if you don’t want the outfit to be too loud, but still have an aspect of dimension.

Blazer Sets

Blazers are coming back in style with a unique twist. Pairing blazers with matching shorts or mini skirts is a good way to transition into the milder fall season. This trend is great because having a matching set elevates this wardrobe essential, and allows you to mix and match the pieces separately. When shopping for a blazer set you can go with an all neutral look, or even play it up and go with a bold color.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses started to gain more popularity because of the viral Skims dress on TikTok, and will definitely continue to get bigger in the fall. Similar to the silk slip dress trend a few years back, maxi dresses will be able to be dressed down or dressed up. You can even layer turtlenecks or sweaters under these dresses once the weather starts to get colder. Maxi dresses look good on anyone and will be a perfect addition to any fall closet.

Printed Tights

Tights are definitely an unexpected trend, but funky patterns and colors can really elevate a lot of fall looks. They can keep you warm while also adding something different to your outfit. Some examples of prints are swirls, animal prints, and logos. These also can go hand in hand with the mixed pattern trend. Not only can these be worn under skirts and dresses, but they can be worn with cropped jeans for a more adventurous look.

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