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Oldies but Goodies - TV Show Edition

By AJ Goldbloom

 One of the most important realizations I have had in quarantine is that some of the best television shows were created when I was just a little girl. Thanks to Netflix, HBO, and Hulu, I began using my time at home to catch up on shows that aired in the 90s and early 2000s. From romantic comedies to action-packed thrillers, we now have every episode is at our fingertips. If you don’t have access to streaming websites, many regular TV channels are now streaming marathons of classic shows. There are a few shows my friends and I binged during quarantine that you won’t want to turn off once you start. 

Sex and The City

Carrie Bradshaw and her three best friends are nothing short of an entertaining, high maintenance girl gang. The show follows these ladies through their many endeavors in the Big Apple, from buying expensive shoes to falling in love with the wrong guys. SATC is based on a book written in 1997, aired as a TV show in 1998, and later turned into two movies, as well. If you like shows that have drama, comedy, romance, and a lot of Cosmopolitans, Sex and the City is sure to be a hit for your quarantine. You can watch the whole series on HBO Go and Hulu!

That 70’s Show

This show is a hilarious take of the 1970s in Point Place, Wisconsin. Jackie, Kelso, Fez, Eric, Donna, and Hyde are a motley crew that gets into all sorts of trouble throughout high school. This show never failed to make me smile, but was also a great show for me to rewatch and not get tired of. Eric and his friends do their best thinking and bonding in Eric’s tiny basement. What makes this sitcom so funny and relatable is the nagging from Eric’s strict parents and ditsy sister. This show brought together a 15-year-old Mila Kunis and a 20-year-old Ashton Kutcher, who are still a power couple in Hollywood. You can find the show on Netflix!

Gossip Girl

Whether you’ve watched the show or not, you’ve probably heard the phrase “XOXO, Gossip Girl.” Now is a great time to catch up on this hit that aired in 2007. Serena and Blair, two best friends from the Upper East Side, are amongst many teens talked about in a popular internet column. Chuck, Nate, Dan, and Jennie accompany the girls throughout six seasons of scandals and relationship drama. Gossip Girl is the binge-worthy show for you if you’re looking for fashion, love, and teenage angst all in one series. If you tune in, you will also become very familiar with the Upper East Side, the Hamptons, and the steps of the Met. 

The Office

Last but not least, The Office is the perfect combination of comedy and a bit of romance. The show follows a handful of interesting characters, like Michael Scott, the awkward boss, Dwight Shrute, the nerdy beet farmer, and the adorable office couple, Jim and Pam Beasley. Each episode shows hilarious office antics within Dunder Mifflin Paper Company in Scranton, Pa. You wouldn’t necessarily think it, but a lot of humor and love comes out of the office, the warehouse, and even the parking lot in this show. The nine seasons do go by quickly and by the end of the show, you’ll feel invested in “The People Person’s Paper People”. 

Any of these four classics will ease your quarantine boredom and give you something great to discuss with friends. I did enjoy watching newer shows like All American and Ozark, but these four “oldies” from my childhood have made my time at home much more entertaining!

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