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Podcast Stars: The Voice of Fashion?

By Caroline Lissy

Podcasting used to be what we imagined when we thought about what our grandparents would listen to in the kitchen while making us dinner. Many podcasts were run by news outlets or just played on the radio; however, with the rise of social media and YouTube these voices became influencers, who are some of the most followed and well-known people among young adults. We constantly have our AirPods in and our podcasts on now. Whether it’s catching up on the latest gossip, hearing from our favorite reality stars, or even listening to podcasts that promote mental health awareness, we have become hooked on the idea of podcasting. Our new found love for these podcasters has led to an increase of their following on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Barstool Sports is one of the many companies to see growth in podcasting and has produced some of the most famous influencers in the eyes of Gen-Z. From the famous “Call Her Daddy” podcast, which speaks for young women of all kinds navigating relationships and life in general, to “Chicks in the Office,” keeping us updated on all the hot new gossip in the world of pop culture, many adolescent women have become obsessed with podcast influencers.

These new podcasters are becoming so popular that they have been invited to attend fashion weeks, pose for magazines, and completely shape the style of their followers through posting on various social media platforms. Here are some of my favorite podcasters who have been able to rise to fame and influence people's style choices.

Alexandra Cooper:

The popular voice behind the “Call Her Daddy” podcast has gained a following of teenage girls in which she calls “the daddy gang.” She has posed in pictures for the Wall Street Journal, V Magazine, and Time, and currently has 2.3 million followers on Instagram. Her style can be seen as pretty laid back, with the podcaster usually being photographed in cool athleisure or jeans and a crop-top.

Paige DeSorbo:

A reality star and the voice behind “Giggly Squad,” DeSorbo and her costar Hannah Berner discuss everything from fashion, relationships, pop culture and even mental health. Her blog has everything from her outfit details to current celeb gossip.

Maria (Ria) Ciuffo:

The host of both “Chicks in the Office” and “Because I Got High,” has been seen strutting in new outfits that show off what she learned from the Fashion Institute of Technology. This pop culture expert flaunts all her outfits on social media and even has a highlights section on her Instagram for her fans to draw inspiration from.

Brianna Lapaglia:

The host of “PlanBri Uncut” has risen to fame within college communities and is currently on her "College Dropout Tour." Lapaglia often shows her trendy game day outfits with her bold pants and stylish accessory choices. Although she often goes by “@briannachickenfry,” this podcaster serves up much more than relatable college stories and comedic jokes.

Even though we imagine podcasters as simply voices behind a microphone, their stylish outfits we see on social media often influence what their followers think is trending. Although these podcasters are not walking the runway and posing for Vogue, their Instagram posts and TikToks will continue to shape their followers everyday looks. Which podcast star’s style is going to inspire yours?

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