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Ring-ing in the New Year

By Sarah Pfau

The best way to kick off a new year like 2021 is to add a little something fresh to your style! As 2021 trend predictions start to emerge, there will always be styles that stay on-trend. One of my favorite ways to accessorize has been on trend this year, and it won't be going away anytime soon. Accessorizing with rings is a game changer and I can count on it to elevate any outfit. From different finishes to varied shapes, rings can mold to fit any personality and are a great way to show off your style!


You can put almost anything you love onto a ring. My personal favorite ring in my collection has to be my Treat People With Kindness gold band ring (which only emboldens my Harry Styles obsession). Rings can be customized to the T with your favorite quote or even a song lyric that you just can’t get out of your head. Initial rings are also uber-popular and have always been a great way to show your appreciation for a loved one… or just another celebrity crush. Including a birthstone or zodiac sign ring can really get you in touch with your spiritual side and maybe you can show off your passion for astrology. In the end, you can formulate a collection of rings that are all small pieces of the puzzle that is your own identity.


After compiling a collection of rings that all speak to you in a different way, the most rewarding part is being able to style them. Layering and pairing your diverse rings might seem like a maze, but there are always a few tips and tricks to get your fingers looking like a jewelry advertisement. A hand of all gold rings usually looks more complete than one with a mixture of gold, silver, and bronze finishes. However, mixing these finishes adds a bit of complexity to your look, so it really is a personal preference. Another layering trick is to use letter or initial rings together to spell out another word, maybe a name or catchy phrase.


To achieve a particular look can be hard, but some of the tricks for the common styles can be easier to uncover. For example, to give yourself more of an edgy look, it is common to use chunky silver jewelry. Adding bulky rings and chainrings help to tie together that edgy image.

A boho jewelry look can be made by compiling and layering lots of rings with varied colored stones. These stones take away from the clean and perfect aura, giving off a more natural look. Even mixing finishes and colors, especially tints of silver, can add to the hippie vibe here.

The go-to for a classic minimalist look revolves around the use of lines and geometric shapes. Playing off of a singular color or tone also adds to the sleek, simple look.

Another fashionable ring style is a lavish - almost insta-baddie - look. The key player for this style is all gold everything. Shiny and sparkly pieces make this look a winner. A few designer pieces (more commonly designer dupes) only adds to the luxurious look.


To find good quality rings, you have to be pretty particular with your shopping destinations. Though it’s only two dollars, the ring pack from Forever21 won’t do the job. These rings don’t stand the test of time, turning your fingers green with tarnish after minimal wear. After my fair share of green fingers, I went on the hunt to find quality rings that wouldn’t break my bank. The final destinations of my hunt ended up being Depop and Etsy. Depop has great, sustainable jewelry sources and won’t max out your credit card. On Depop, I’ve found small businesses and also independent sellers that sell either handmade or preloved tarnish-free rings, which are usually gold filled rather than gold plated. On Etsy, I have had great success with one specific shop, @caitlynminimalist. Her shop is insanely popular, and I absolutely agree with the 5-star rating. Here, she sells all sorts of quality rings, from personalized bands to city skyline stretches to fingerprint decals. On top of the wide variety, the prices are reasonable and the material lasts the long run.

With these shopping destinations in mind, I hope 2021 brings you the most stylish and fashion-forward ring sets!

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