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Updated: Jan 27, 2022

By Sydney Albert

Sorority recruitment at the University of Maryland is a two-week-long process in which people of all ages who attend the university can get to know the 16 Panhellenic chapters on campus and ultimately become a member of one if they so choose. The recruitment process can be intimidating, but also extremely exciting. When I was going through recruitment, one of the main aspects I was worried about was what to wear. I wanted to look my best, but also show off my own personal fashion. If you are feeling the same way, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find some guidance provided by PHA’s Vice President of Recruitment, Julie Hirsh, as well as some advice we wish we knew while going through recruitment.

Day One and Two: Values Rounds

Starting off recruitment on January 28th and January 29th are the two values rounds. This round lasts for two days, as you get to meet with members from all 16 sororities. There is no reason as to why you get certain chapters one day versus the other, this is just so the houses are split evenly over the days. This round is for the potential new members, or PNMs, to get to know each chapter on campus.

What To Wear:

This round is the least formal clothing-wise. However, this year PHA is asking all PNMs to wear a UMD T-shirt this round. They are asking for these shirts to be “a regular T-shirt, do not cut it up or wear something you would wear to a tailgate.” Also, it is totally okay to wear the same outfit both days.

Day Three: Philanthropy Round

January 30th is philanthropy round. On this day you can receive up to 12 houses back. You return to these houses throughout the day and learn about their philanthropic organizations as well as community service projects conducted in the chapter(s). You will also see a short video pertaining to each chapter’s specific philanthropy. This round presents an opportunity for PNMs to learn more about the values and passions of each sorority.

What To Wear:

This round is a bit dressier than the values rounds. Think of the outfit for this round as something you would wear out to a nice brunch with your friends. Keep it cute and casual! Jeans are still appropriate for this round. Try pairing your favorite sweater with a pair of jeans and boots!

Day Four: Community Round

Kicking off the second week of recruitment on February 4th is the community round. During this round, PNMs can get up to 7 houses back. During the community round, PNMs will get the chance to learn more about the values and sisterhood of each chapter. PNMs have the opportunity to potentially develop a deeper connection with individuals in these chapters as they get to know the personalities of the members as well as the chapters overall.

What To Wear:

Think of this round as if you were going out to a nice dinner. A lot of PNMs wear dresses and jumpsuits, but remember to wear what you are most comfortable in. Jeans and a blouse or a dress with booties are both totally appropriate.

Day Five: Preference Round

The final day of the recruitment process, taking place on February 5th, is the preference round. PNMs have the opportunity to visit up to 2 sororities on this day. This is an extremely special round because PNMs are invited to take part in an intimate chapter ceremony. Each chapter has their own unique preference ceremony. PNMs will generally be seeing a familiar face at the chapter during this round. This might be someone who you talked to on the first day or even the most recent day of recruitment. This round truly gives PNMs a glimpse into the sisterhood and values of each sorority they visit that day.

What To Wear:

This is the most formal of the rounds. A nice skirt or dress would be appropriate to wear to preference. Some PNMs even wear heels, since they are only visiting up to 2 houses and there is less walking. However, as always, wear something you feel most confident in! If you feel your best in a pair of dressier pants and a nice blouse, wear that. If you don’t like to wear heels, wear a pair of flats.

Some Words of Advice - Just Be Yourself!

The key to recruitment is to be yourself. We know that it’s easier said than done, but one way to express yourself is through your outfit choices. While PHA and this article provided some guidance on what the general vibes are for each round, don’t let that restrict you from wearing what you feel most comfortable in. It may feel really scary and overwhelming right now thinking about going through recruitment, but remember that these girls want to be your friends just as badly as you may want to be theirs. I know that’s something I wish someone told me before going through recruitment because that would have calmed me down a lot. So, wear what makes you feel your best, remember that the people on the other side of the screen are just people, and above all… be yourself!

For more information, check out PHA’s Guide to Recruitment:

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