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Spring 2022 Bid Day Themes

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

By: Caroline Lissy

After a long recruitment process primarily on zoom, sororities got the chance to celebrate their Bid Day in-person 2 weeks ago. Sororities have been unable to hold this memorable day the previous year due to the spike in COVID-19 cases. This year, bid days were able to be celebrated in person and the

As soon as the new members opened up their envelopes that informed them of their bids, new members rode on buses to their new chapter houses.

Each chapter ensured that the first in-person formal bid day in over a year was going to be one to remember. All of the chapters at UMD came up with super creative themes and some of the coolest outfits.

Alpha Chi Omega:

Alpha Chi Omega’s theme for bid day gave us the best of both worlds with their “You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home” theme. This theme was Hannah Montana inspired and the sorority showed off the colors of purple and gold and accessorized with microphones and guitars.

Alpha Delta Pi:

Alpha Delta Pi was out of this world with their “Area 1851” theme. ADPi was inspired by the idea of space and aliens and wore translucent outfits with cool accessories like alien antennas.

Alpha Epsilon Phi:

Alpha Epsilon Phi had a very charming theme with their “Lucky to be AEPhi” theme. The sorority took inspiration from the childhood cereal, “Lucky Charms,” and wore lots of clover green while carrying around a box of the nostalgic cereal.

Alpha Omicron Pi:

Alpha Omicron Pi hit the slopes with their “There’s Snow Place like Home” theme. The sorority threw on cute beanies and snow goggles to show their ski inspired theme.

Alpha Phi:

Alpha Phi went on an adventure to the wild west with their “Wanted: Wild & Phi” theme. This chapter put on their cowboy hats and cow print to celebrate their new members.

Alpha Xi Delta:

Alpha Xi Delta had such bubbly new members with their “Feeling Bubbly” theme. They were decked out in pinks and blues and took pictures in a bubble bath inspired pool.

Delta Delta Delta:

Tri Delta stirred up a storm with their “Tri Delt Strikes Again” theme. Their theme was inspired by thunderstorms and lightning bolts with black and purple accented outfits.

Delta Gamma:

Delta Gamma summoned their inner Britney Spears with their “Oops I Did It Again” theme. Their Britney inspired theme included 2000’s inspired sweat suits and tons of pink.

Delta Phi Epsilon:

Delta Phi Epsilon made their new members super happy with their “Mad Happy You Went DPhiE” theme. Their theme included smiley face symbols and rainbow pants and accessories.

Gamma Phi Beta:

Gamma Phi Beta’s new member class found treasure with their pirate inspired theme. They wore mixtures of red and black, pirate hats and even had a blow up slide.

Kappa Alpha Theta:

Kappa Alpha Theta went for gold with their “Theta Got the Gold” theme. Their winter olympics inspired theme featured lots of red, white, and blue accessories.

Kappa Delta:

Kappa Delta got fancy with their “Breakfast at KD” theme. Inspired by the movie, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” they all repped matching pajama sets.

Phi Sigma Sigma:

Phi Sigma Sigma gave their members a dreamy bid day with their “Phi Sig on Cloud Nine” theme. This theme incorporated a variety of blues and white outfits and the sorority decorated with fluffy clouds.

Sigma Delta Tau:

Sigma Delta Tau had the sweetest Bid Day with their “Welcome to the Sweet Life” theme. The sorority decked out with fake sprinkles, donuts, and candy inspired accessories like big lollipops.

Sigma Kappa:

Sigma Kappa showed off their inner Swiftie with their “I Don’t Know About You But I’m Feeling 22” theme. The sorority was inspired by the Taylor Swift music video and they wore trendy heart sunglasses and pink shirts.

Zeta Tau Alpha:

Zeta Tau Alpha repped their “Grateful to Be a Zeta” theme. Inspired by the band, Grateful Dead, the sorority included the band’s rainbow bears symbol and brought the 1960’s band to 2022.

All new members were welcomed to their new homes with the most creative bid day themes. Every chapter’s high energy and dedication to welcoming the new members made this bid day an unforgettable one. Congratulations to the new members of Spring 2022!

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