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Style Like Selling Sunset

By: Emma Rubino

2020 has been the farthest thing from stable. During the long months of quarantine, Netflix was the only steady thing in my life. I know we all contemplated watching Gossip Girl for the 20th time just to feel something. While Netflix has all the classics like Grey’s and Gilmore Girls, they are constantly cranking out weirdly entertaining shows that kept us sane during the Q (yes, I’m looking at you, Tiger King). One of social media’s quarantine favorites was Selling Sunset. The show centers around the Oppenheim Group, a luxury Real Estate agency based in LA. Brett and Jason Oppenheim are the two founders of the group and also the only men in the office. The rest of the office is made up of women held together by botox, whose shoe closets consist solely of 6-inch stilettos. That being said, these women are what make the show interesting. From their extremely extravagant outfits to the constant drama between them, I couldn’t help but watch the entire 3 seasons in less than a week.

Since my day to day life consists of changing from one pair of pajamas to another, I lived vicariously through these women’s wardrobes. I love their ability to make work clothes look sexy yet extremely professional, something I find difficult to do, as most of the “professional” clothes I own are unflattering and uncomfortable. I looked into where Christine and the crew shopped and was quickly discouraged when I found the average sweater they wore started at $200, but don’t worry I did the work for you. I scoured the internet for dupes of the Selling Sunset wardrobe you can wear to your internship (or Zoom call) that will make you feel confident and stylish without having to take out a loan.

The women on the show love to utilize monochrome outfits and accessorize to add color. I found a dupe for Christine Quinn’s iconic teal Moschino suit from Season 3’s Burgers and Botox party. Zara, one of my favorite stores, sells this ‘Basic Blazer’ and the matching ‘Ankle Pants’. This monochrome suit is a staple and will definitely make you stand out in a meeting. The simplicity of the silhouette allows you to style each piece individually by mixing and matching, easily accessorize, or let the color of the suit speak for itself.

While Christine loves to sport bold colors, patterns, and sparkles, Chrishell keeps her wardrobe more understated throughout the show. She makes up for her simplistic choices in colors and patterns with unique silhouettes. I found a similar blazer dress to Chrishell’s on ASOS. Tuxedo dresses are a fun, feminine way to change up the typical jacket and pant combo while still looking professional and well put together.

Throughout the show, Amanza’s style was definitely my favorite. She incorporated contemporary street-style into more professional outfits, creating a trendy combination of the two. This jumpsuit I found on ASOS is perfect for women on the taller side. The effortlessness of the jumpsuit allows it to be easily paired with any kind of jewelry or accessories. This piece could also be taken from the office to a night out. Adding a simple camisole underneath would definitely make it workplace appropriate.

Although Davina was easily my least favorite this long sleeve dress is good inspiration for the winter. A uniform silhouette with a bold color or pattern is a perfect way to make a statement and still feel comfortable in the look. I found a dress inspired by Davina’s look on Revolve, which can be pretty pricey. But, if you shop the sales you can usually find some steals. Another great place to look for more affordable workwear is your local thrift store online vintage shops like Depop! Sustainable shopping is always a great alternative.

Of course, I had to end off with something from Christine (She’s just too much fun to only be featured once). While her use of neon and bold accessories may not be for everyone, I think it can be super fun to experiment and try to push our comfort zone with our clothes. I found a similar neon sweater at Lulu’s which would pair well with these chic faux leather pants from Express. The leather is bold but also subdues the brightness of the neon creating a classy-chic look for the office.

It’s definitely hard for women to find appropriate clothes for the professional space that they feel confident and comfortable wearing. The ladies of Selling Sunset have given us some realistic style inspiration that could easily be incorporated into your everyday and workplace wardrobe. So whether you decide to dress in head to toe hot pink like Christine or choose a simple dress like Chrisshell, you’re now ready to dominate at your next workplace function.

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