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Style Spotlight: Rachel Hochhauser

By Samantha Lieberman

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Hochhauser

Rachel Hochhauser is an exchange student from University College London, spending her junior year studying history at the University of Maryland. Halfway through Uni, as the Brits call it, she became interested in fashion after being subjected to school uniforms throughout her childhood. Though uniforms meant low-stress mornings and 20 extra minutes of sleep, Houchhauser began to connect how she dressed reflected how she felt. Putting more effort into her looks shaped her confidence and productivity. Below, Hochhauser tells us about her personal style and how style at UMD differs from across the pond. 

How would you describe your personal style?

Smart casual.  Sleek, structured, or tailored pieces paired with something laid back and loose.

What is your new “uniform”? 

Oversized jumper (or sweater for us Americans) with cigarette trousers or mom jeans. Oversized clothing exudes a more effortless, cool vibe.

Who are your fashion icons?

Rachel Green from Friends: oversized jumpers, lots of denim, and an awesome 80s vibe.

What is your favorite store?

Zara: It’s professional, chic, trendy and affordable. 

Tips for looking equally put together and effortless?

  • A stylish jacket acts as third piece that adds body, texture, and movement, and brings an entire look together.  A great jacket is especially important in the winter when it may be the only thing people see.

  • Ditch the leggings and opt for stretchy skinny jeans

  • Mix patterns

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Hochhauser

What American fashion trends don’t make sense to you?

The "Vineyard Vines prep boy outfit". All the boys wear it, They all look exactly the same, and what even are boat shoes - where is the lake?!

As for girls, I cannot comprehend the "oversized shirt with athletic shorts that you can barley see" look. It seems as if she woke up and walked out of the house without putting on bottoms. 

What are the biggest fashion differences between college students in London and at UMD?

Students here dress like they rolled out of bed or just left the gym. In my travels I noticed that big cities have more fashionable people and I think a secluded campus vibe makes people dress down. People here are more cautious with fashion and take less risks compared to Londoners

Do you have any personal fashion experiences at UMD?

I get a lot more compliments on my style here than at Uni back in London.

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