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Thanksgiving Outfits Inspired by TV Show Characters

By Clare Gallagher

As we continue to trek through our first semester back to in-person classes, many of us are finding ourselves in need of a break. Luckily, Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which gives us the opportunity to relax and spend time with our family and friends. For me, that often means spending hours curled up on the couch re-watching the classic Thanksgiving episodes of my favorite TV shows. From Friends to Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls, and New Girl, there is nothing better than watching a late-90’s to mid-2000’s ensemble cast coming together to celebrate Thanksgiving. All of these shows are ones I grew up with, so re-watching them fills me with a sense of nostalgia. And these shows just so happen to be the best place to find outfit inspiration for your own celebration. Below you will find Thanksgiving outfit ideas based on an iconic character from each of the aforementioned TV shows.


When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of Friends reruns. Each season has a Thanksgiving-themed episode filled with equal parts laughter and heartfelt, genuine friendship. While each character of the Friends cast can be described as a fashion icon in their own right, none of them stand out quite like 90’s queen, Rachel Green. Perhaps the trendsetter for claw clips and oversized sweatshirts, we continue to see Green’s character influence style trends over twenty years later. For her Thanksgiving look, I think Green would go with something put-together and stylish, with an effortless aesthetic. She often wore a ton of neutrals, so I see her in a plain cream sweater paired with a brown plaid skirt. The show does take place in New York, so I see her layering the skirt on top of a pair of sheer tights and adding some chic suede boots.

Gossip Girl

Another show set in New York City, Gossip Girl’s take on the Thanksgiving episode typically combines the drama of ever-shifting family dynamics with high fashion. While both leads, Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen, have their fair share of iconic outfits throughout the series, Thanksgiving is where Blair truly shines.

Blair’s style tends to encompass her love of headbands and schoolgirl-inspired preppy looks. For Thanksgiving I see her taking a satin collared shirt and layering it under an argyle sweater vest. To keep in line with her private school uniform aesthetic, I see her pairing the top with a color-matched pleated skirt. Finally, to complete her look I think Blair would layer an oversized wool coat on top in order to keep her warm in the late-November chill.

Gilmore Girls

Based on their year-round love of food, there is no better holiday suited for the Gilmore girls than Thanksgiving. The idyllic small town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut, is the perfect backdrop for Lorelai and Rory’s witty humor and never-ending family and relationship drama. Both of the Gilmore girls tend to keep their style simple and current without being overly trendy – although Lorelai does like to add her own flair. Throughout the series there are several mentions of how the two share clothes and their style is generally quite similar, so this look could work for either of them.

Both are quite fond of turtlenecks, so I see them starting with a warm neutral sweater like this one, and pairing it with a comfortable pair of jeans. To keep them warm in the Connecticut winter, I see them adding a leather jacket. Finally, to add some spice for Lorelai, I see her sporting a cute pair of cowboy boots instead of heels or traditional booties.

New Girl

Last but not least, New Girl’s Thanksgiving episodes are always a delight. The loft gang is quite possibly everyone’s ideal roommate situation. Nick, Schmidt, and Winston’s characters each bring their own unique traits and charm to make the group well-rounded. While most people’s wardrobes don’t perfectly align with their chosen career path, the show’s lead, Jessica Day does not follow this trend. Her style can be described as feminine, and she often wears bright colors and frilly dresses, consistent with what you would expect of a middle school teacher. For Thanksgiving, I would expect her to take a simple turtleneck and layer an intricately-detailed, colorful sweater like this one on top. Because New Girl takes place in Los Angeles, I can see her getting away with a fun skirt, like this pink one, without being too chilly. To complete the look I see her keeping it casual, but still fun with these pink sneakers.

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