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The "It" Girls of Instagram

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

By: Isa Nielsen

Alana O'Herlihy

When I kept seeing @lilmami_lani tagged on Alexa Demie, Bella Hadid, Miley Cyrus, and Iris Law’s Instagrams, I knew I had to investigate. How did she become Instagram’s newest “it girl?” I was shocked to see how widespread Alana O'Herlihy’s professional contributions and personal connections were after checking out her website and Instagram profile. The 26 year-old multimedia creative director, artist, and photographer showcases her versatility through creating fashion campaigns, magazine covers, and music videos. Following her on Instagram is unpredictable and chaotic, but her mismatched style and y2k content always works. She has been involved in countless creative pop culture projects such as Miley Cyrus’s album artwork, and most recently, she became the creative director of Isla Beauty. A company based on transparency, Isla Beauty prioritizes fair pricing, high quality formulas, and sustainably sourced materials. Bringing a fresh and colorful look to this beauty and skincare brand, O’Herlihy’s distinct look shines through in this directorial debut.

Indy Blue

Following Indy Blue feels like being on her private story. You may recognize the name from either her 2015 Twitter presence or from her clothing line: Lonely Ghost. From checkered blankets to oversized hoodies, Blue has mastered the art of creating an inclusive, cozy, and relatable brand. Blue pulls you into her little world through wholesome family content, highly personal q&a’s, and semi-frequent blog posts. This it-girl is the perfect escape from the overly filtered and fast paced content that often clogs our feed. Her captions are raw and authentic, reminding us to appreciate life’s simple joys such as family dinners, late night car rides, and gorgeous sunsets. Her social media content is soothing and supportive, making it the perfect place to find “your people,” even virtually.

Matilda Djerf

You know those caught off guard, city girl, effortless pictures we all aim to capture for Instagram? Well, meet the queen of those pinterest-perfect photos herself, Matilda Djerf. This 21 year-old Swedish native has captivated audiences around the world with endless outfit and hair inspo. She encapsulates the perfect work life balance, constantly switching between the hustle and bustle of traveling in cities and enjoying the peace and quiet of life at home in Sweden. Her Instagram surely reflects this dynamic, as she’s always dashing between sunshine or subways. She is also the designer and owner of Djerf Avenue, an eco-conscious clothing brand, which is frequently featured on her social media. On the Djerf Avenue website you can find all things business chic: relaxed blazers, slinky dresses, baggy trousers, and light outerwear. Matilda is truly the epitome of “that girl” and well worth the follow.

Mimi Moocher

If you are looking to incorporate more patterns, colors, and accessories into your spring wardrobe then Mimi Moocher is the girl to follow. From colorful hair clips to baggy jeans to Birkenstocks, Mimi Moocher (aka Mia Regan) effortlessly pulls together unique looks, reminding us of the magic of playing dress up. Her bubbly personality peaks through her content, and she keeps it care-free and unfiltered. Instagram OOTD clips always feature one of her favorite songs and she shows off her fit by dancing around her bedroom. The 17 year old model, known for her work with brands such as Ugg, Coach, and Glossier, knows exactly how to push the fashion boundaries, combining seemingly mismatched pieces together. If you want an even deeper look at her creative styling process then be sure to follow her on Tik Tok where she posts lookbooks (and sometimes also vlogs backstage fashion shows!)

Devon Lee Carlson

This article would simply not be complete without paying respect to the “it girl” that inspired this entire article: Devon Lee Carlson. Praised for her curated 2000’sinspired fashion forward fits, Devon’s quirky Instagram posts never disappoint. A Leo in every sense, Devon is confident, self sufficient, and loves attention (in the best way possible). She is arguably most known as the co-founder of Wildflower Cases with her mom and younger sister. This women owned, LA based, company first gained recognition when Miley Cyrus tweeted about the phone cases in 2013. After Wildflower Cases gained popularity, Devon began to gain her own social media following. Since then, she has been able to pursue a variety of interests such as vlogging on YouTube, modeling for brands such as Burberry and Versace, and designing for Marc Jacobs. Her August 2021 limited edition birthday collection with Marc Jacobs was recently featured on season 2 episode 4 of Europhia on Maddy Perez (Alexa Demie). Undeniably herself, Devon gives us a sneak peak into what it’s like to be a 20-something year old model and entrepreneur.

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