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The Revival of UGG

By: Caroline Pecora

In the early 2000s, you were a true fashionista if you had a pair of UGGs. No matter what climate you lived in or how water-damaged and salt-stained the suede was, they were a never-fail statement piece to every fall, winter, and even early spring outfit. The fur boots were so popular that it seemed they would never descend from their place at the top.

But in 2011, UGG launched their ad campaign with the New England Patriots football star Tom Brady. With this deal, UGG essentially signed its death wish. It didn’t take long for the brand to fall off after the campaign. People packed up their hot pink mini boots with satin bows along with their more subtle chestnut moccasins and said goodbye - but not forever.

It took about a decade, but last winter the shoes started to pop up again. As boot season creeps up this year, you’ll notice the abundance of UGGs if you look around campus. Baby boots, fluffy slides, and platform moccasins are keeping everyone's feet warm this season. So what exactly made everyone switch up on UGGs?

Last year's trendsetters reminded everyone of how stylish comfort can be. After enduring (but certainly rocking) the pain that came along with Doc Martens, Bean Boots, and Hunter Boots, we decided we deserve a new era of relaxation. The pandemic played a role in that as well, encouraging the social acceptability of athleisure. Withstanding years of stress cooped up in our homes allowed us to reward ourselves by freeing the “comfy clothes” from inside the house.

Another reason UGGs are coming back is due to the recent love of all things Y2K. Maybe it’s a common feeling of nostalgia among Gen-Z or maybe we’re all recognizing how cute low-rise, boot-cut jeans really were. Whatever it is, the Y2K style has been trending for a while now and it was only a matter of time before UGGs came with it.

Additionally, UGG features a variety of new designs and styles that are popular right now. The classic Mini Boot now comes in a platform version, a feature shared with the Tazz, Disquette, and Funkette slippers as well as their range of slides. Also, many of the shoes are available in both bright and neutral colors, appealing to two of the current common aesthetics.

This winter season, I’ll be taking advantage of the comfort the UGG resurgence brings - I recently purchased a pair of Tazz slippers and have been enjoying every second of it. I recommend you do the same too. Go get your mini boots or furry slippers while they’re still hot, who knows how long this craze will last?

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