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UMD Football Tailgate Outfit Highlights

By: Caroline Lissy

Football games are some of the largest events at the University of Maryland and people come full of school spirit to represent their team. Students come to games ready to cheer on their favorite Big Ten team and yell chants at their rivals, but they also come ready to impress with their unique tailgate outfits

This year students made up for the lack of games and tailgates last year. With COVID-19 limiting social outings, including football games, students were ready to flaunt their outfits. Terps got extremely creative this season and rocked some of the most trendy tailgate outfits.

Some got super crafty and made their own outfits. Others wore pieces from student-owned businesses that sell custom tailgate apparel. Whether students created their own tailgate looks, bought custom pieces, or even sported vintage Maryland apparel, nobody held back in creating some memorable outfits.

Here we will highlight of the trendiest UMD tailgate outfits throughout the 2021 football season:

Many students showed off their personal style by wearing unique pants to make their outfits pop. Some examples include bold colors, funky patterns, or leather pants. Other students repped their favorite tennis and cheerleader skirt to make their outfits stand out.

Other students took advantage of the beautiful weather to show off custom tank tops. Some popular cuts included tube tops or halter necks. As the season progressed students began wearing varsity jackets and turtlenecks with cropped tees over them to stay warm!

Students used accessories to spice up their tailgate outfits and add that last finishing touch. As bold belts were added to pants, along with cute headbands, baseball hats and beanies, UMD fans never failed to accessorize.

Each UMD student represented the school on and off the field, making this football season one the students will never forget. No matter winning or losing, students all brought their spirit and personalities with their innovative tailgate outfits. The University of Maryland student section will surely demonstrate their love for the Terps on the basketball courts this winter and throughout future football seasons by showing off their unique tailgate outfits.

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