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Your Guide To 2023 Fashion with Free People

By: Adelia McGuire

Throughout 2022, the once overlooked offspring of Urban Outfitters can now be found flourishing like never before. Over the past decade, Free People has wasted no time adapting to the ever changing trends of the fashion industry, ultimately progressing to become a ready-to-wear powerhouse. Once known entirely for their bohemian inspired clothing items, Free People, while maintaining much of their original boho product, has provided a new era of clothing. An era containing collections that we need to get behind.

One after the another, Free People seems to effortlessly produce clothing pieces that belong on a pallet rather than a hanger. Unique, stylish, and astounding items come together to form otherworldly, ethereal-like attire. Sweet pastel colors. Intricate beading, crocheting, and design. Dress to match your soul and allow each piece of clothing to encompass your aura. This year, with Free People as our guide, let's make our closets thrive.

Chase your fairytale dreams and follow the lead of fashion icon, Ellie Thuman. Free People’s 100 Degree Mini Dress is an essential purchase for everyone hoping to carry out whimsical fantasies. Available in over 10 stunning colors, this light, feminine dress is designed to impress. Style down with a pair of sandals and a sun hat or spice it up with a set of heels and an open jacket. Beach, dinner, you name it. For whatever event you may have, let your inner style effortlessly flourish through your item which will undoubtedly take a favorite position in the closet.

Sometimes the styles of yesterday can't seem to leave today. When it comes to this retro inspired dress, there seems to be no problem with this. On top of the flattering scoop neck design, it is the magnificent detailing of floral beading that can be owed for what truly separates the Jewel Mini Dress from the rest. Treat yourself with flowers and do your wardrobe a favor by adding this intricate and beautiful one of a kind piece.

Who said it's too early to shop for summer? For those under that impression, The Orchid Convertible Sweater Tank just might be able to change your mind. Equipped with adjustable straps, alter your top to your liking. It might be the fact it hangs at a perfect cropped length or maybe its trendy bow neck style, regardless of which feature is your favorite, this top is bound to be your next go-to as the weather begins to get warm. Style this as pictured and pair it with Free Peoples, Menocra Cropped pants or another floral bottom of your choosing!

Bodysuits are in and this year has demonstrated that it can be all we need to complete an outfit of perfection. New addition to Free Peoples extensive selection, For the Frill of It, is anything you want it to be. Lunch and shopping in the town. No problem. A thrilling night out? Easy. 11 styles of frilly fun, this feminine bodysuit will undoubtedly be an eye catcher. Style with an array of bottoms and take the streets by storm, just for the “frill” of it!

Cowboy boots: the ideal combination of chic and classic western. In the past year, this fashion comeback came as a shock, yet nobody seems to be arguing. Clothing stores all over the nation are taking full advantage of these shoes' growing predominance which means that Free People is undoubtedly amongst this crowd. Taking the timeless style of the cowboy boot and adding just a touch of modern fashion, Free People creates the perfect pair of boots. Not only will you look amazing rocking western inspired leather, your purchase will also be supporting a small business as this unique design is artisan made.

On the heels of discussing new trends, how can the iconic corset not get a spot in the line up. With its own distinctive take on the corset, Free People, yet again, delivered. Layering their Aurelia Silky Corset over their Keep It Simple Lace Baby Tee, an outfit of perfection is born. Experiment with the different colors offered to customize your own angelic combination. This light, flattering design is sure to bring just the confidence you need to rock this beautiful ensemble.

This year, navigate the coming fashion trends through Free People. Embrace your creativity and show off your stylish fashion sense! With a wide variety of options available, make your selections and customize your individual one-of-a-kind wardrobe of perfection.

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